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So, I'm new here, and I have a love/hate relationship with badfic. It entertains me when I'm down. So, I went to the pit and I searched Gwack, which is the Torchwood pairing Jack/Gwen. Mind, Jack is involved in the cannon Janto (jack/Ianto) pairing in the show, which I ship. Most of what came up was pretty bad, but then, there was this, and it trumped all:

Risen Mitten of Love 

 by: DesperateCaroline

This is fail on many levels. It is a rewrite of They Keep Killing Suzie, my favorite season one episode,
as some kind of soppy thing where Gwen becomes immortal. It ignores the fact that Jack and Gwen have no established relationship beyond flirting, and makes them in love. They are indicated to have no established relationship in the fic, either. They're just in love for some reason. I won't deny the sexual tension in the show, but I will deny the in love thing. And the fic adamantly ignores the fact that Ianto propositioned Jack at the end of the episode, in favor of angst! Everyone is OOC in here, especially the now kind, and understanding Owen, and Jack, who spends the whole time crying. Gwen is also really dumb for some reason, in spite of the fact her character is actually rather smart. Dense, sometimes, but not dumb. Sigh, this is bad fic though. Made e laugh almost till I cried, and cringe.

If you're interested: I spork it here if that's against the rules, tell me. Links to my journal.
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