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I have possibly found the worst fanfics. And the creator has a full journal full of them. I bring you merry_mer.

Stuck with Me Chapter 1
Title: Stuck with Me[1/?]
Author:Sonya D. Gronlund(Me)
Fandom:Tré Cool/Green Day
Characters: Tré Cool Sonya Gronlund
Summary: Sonya & Tré are driving down the road
Notes: First Tré Cool or Green Day related fanfic
Feedback:Yes please it's like food to a hobbit :P

"Ugh why do all the radio stations suck here."Sonya said as she tried to find a good station.
"I wouldn't know I don't live here."Tré sarcasticaly said.
"Ha shuddup."
Tré laughs.
"Oh there we go I love this song."
"Let me guess Fall Out Boy?"
"Should have known."
"You love it."
"Yeah like I love being kick in the crotch."
She laughs,"You can't go for more than 5 mins without mentioning your dick can you?"
"Nope it's a great thing you should see it sometime."
"Ha I think I'll pass."
"You wanna see it I know you do."
"Suuuure whatever now keep your eyes on the road so we don't die."
"Yes mother."
"Well it's icy I don't want to go off the road."
"Don't worry we won't die."
"Good to know."
"We're in an SUV I don't think anything could happen."
"True it's like a tank almost."
He laughs.
"But you've never driven on South Dakota's roads in the winter."
"I know I'll be careful."
"Oh my god I love this song."she turns up the radio & sings along.
I want to be the minority
I don't need your authority
Down with the moral majority
'Cause I want to be the minority
He just laughs & smiles at her,"You are such a fangirl."
"Yeah I know and you love it."
"That I do."he leaned over and touched her face.
Right then the car hits a patch of ice.
"Ah Tré!"
Tré grabs the wheel but the car spins & rolls into the ditch. And ends up upside down.

Next chapter is in her journal, if you seriously feel like reading more.
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